White's tree frogs


Young WTFs should be fed as much as they want every day. Adult WTFs should be fed 4-5 crickets every other day.

Crickets are the basic food staple for frogs. The general rule for what size crickets to feed is that the cricket should be no longer than the frog's head is wide. Young froglets should be fed as many pinheads as they will eat every day. Adult frogs should be fed as many crickets as is approproate for each species every other day. Crickets should be gutloaded prior to feeding. There are several commercial gutloads available or you can use canned or moistened dry dogfood. Fresh fruits and veggies such as oranges, apples, carrots, potatoes, green leafy vegetables, etc. should also be provided. Cheerios, oats, as well as the moisture gels are also good to use. The crickets should also be dusted every 5 days for young froglets and once weekly for older juveniles and adults with a calcium/vitamin powder immediatley before feeding.

Other food items such as mealworms, waxworms, moths, flies, etc. should also be fed on occasion to offer a variety in the diet. For larger species of frogs, pinky mice can also be fed - no more often than once every other month for most species - as they are difficult for a frog to digest. Mealworms should not be fed in large quantities or frequently as this creates a likelihood of impaction and/or proplapse because their outer shell can not be broken down by a frog's digestive system. Waxworms should also not be fed in large quantities or frequently as they have a very high fat content which, in excess, is not healthy for a frog.

Insects caught outside for feeding should only be collected from areas which are free of any pesticides or other outdoor chemicals - such as weed killers, fertilizers, etc.