White's tree frogs

Enclosure Decor

To start with, you want to place background on 3 sides of the enclosure. For this, you can use the aquarium backgrounds available at pet stores or something as simple as construction paper. You also need several hiding spots - plants (artificial or live), corkbark, driftwood pieces or a variety of tank furnishings (artificial tree stumps, hollow logs, etc.) available at pet stores. Be aware of anything that is dyed or painted to be sure that nothing will rub off - even when wet. Limbs for climbing and basking are also needed for treefrog species. If collected from outdoors, they need to be soaked in bleach water for 24 hours, soaked in clean water for 24 hours, rinsed THOROUGHLY (be sure there are no bleach fumes), and allowed to dry completely before being used. Large, smooth river rocks or slate rock also add a nice touch.