White's tree frogs


The walls of the tank should be sprayed with warm, treated water and wiped down once weekly. The walls should also be cleaned once monthly with Nolvasan. The easiest method I have found for this is, while the frog(s) are sleeping, soak a paper towel with the Nolvasan and wipe down the glass, let it sit, wipe it again with a paper towel soaked with treated water and then spray the glass with treated water and wipe dry. Feces and dead insects should be removed when found. How often you need to change the substrate will depend on which type you use. Paper types and reptile carpets should be changed whenever soiled. Soil types should be disposed of and replaced when a total tank cleaning is done. A total tank cleaning, removing and cleaning all the contents with Nolvasan and then rinsing and drying should be done once every 3-6 months.