Red eyed tree frogs

Temperature / Humidity

The daytime temp at the basking spot just below the light should be 82 - 84 degrees and the temp gradient should then decrease to 80 - 82 degrees on the opposite end of the tank. Nighttime temps should be 72-76 degrees. Higher end of the range for summer, lower end for winter.

Humidity for RETFs should be 50 to 70%. Again, higher end of range for summer and lower end for winter.

Temperature guages or strips are needed to monitor the tank temperature and keep it regulated as required for each species. A heat light should be placed above the end of the tank opposite the water area or bowl. One temp strip/guage should be 1 inch from the top on this end with another on the opposite end of the tank as well. This is to ensure there is a temperature gradient in the tank where the frog can move about in the tank to a temperature where he is comfortable. For treefrog species, there should be a limb and plant under the light provinding a basking spot. The temperature can be regulated by moving the heat light closer to or farther away from the top of the tank or by changing the wattage of the bulb. Night time temps can often be maintained with room temperature alone. If an additional heat source is needed, there are night bulbs available at pet stores.

Humidity guages should also be used to ensure levels are appropriate for each species. Lower levels can be easily maintained by keeping conditions in the tank dry and by having a fully open screen lid. Higher levels can be easily maintained by misting the tanks, keeping the substrate damp, or covering the middle 2/3 of the screen lid with plastic if needed.