Vivarium Pants

Vivarium plant info from Cate

Acalypha/ Copperleafs, Chenille Plants
60 - 80'F humid
800 foot-candles
Adiantum / Maidenhair ferns
need humidity

Aechmea /
Urn Plants,

Living Vases

needs misting

Aglaonema / Chinese Everegreens
good in low light
Anthurium / Flamingo Plants high 80'F, high humidity Aphelandra /
Zebra Plants

hardy plant
Aspidistra /
Cast Iron Plant
woodland, low light, not too humid
Asplenium / Spleenworts
high humidity, low temp
Begonia / Begonias
high himidity, but not wet soil
Billbergia / Billbergia
intense light
Chlorophytum / Spider Plant
good all rounder
Cissus / Kangaroo Vines, Grape Ivy
not too bright or moist
Crassula /
Jade plan
bright lights, not too wet or dry
Cryptanthus /
Earth Stars

high humidity and bright
Cyrtomium /
Holly Ferns

any temp, moist
Dracaena /
Dragon Plants

average temp and humidity
Echeveria / Echeverias
desert set ups
Episcia /
Carpet Plants

shady, humid and warm, No spraying
Ficus /
Rubber Trees, Ornamental Figs

bright, not too moist, wash often

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