Handling your frog should always be kept to the minimum and only done when absolutely necessary - despite the particular species or the tolerance of the individual animal to it. Our skin has natural oils and secretions which are irritating to frogs, not to mention the possible presence of soap residues, lotions, perfumes, dirt, and other substances which are potentially fatal to them.

When handling is a must, be sure to wash your hands with a small amount of soap - do not use antibacterial soap and the less perfume, conditioners, etc. the soap has, the better - and rinse your hands thoroughly until no soap film or scent remains on your hands. You then need to dry your hands completely of tap water. Before picking your frog up, you need to wet your hands with treated water as their skin is very delicate and can be torn by dry hands. Some frogs will not allow you to simply pick them up and often times it is much better to sit a deli cup lined with a wet paper towels in front of the frog and gently nudge him to jump into the container.