Vivarium Pants

Vivarium plant info from Cate

Fittonia / Fittona
high humidity, low heat
Gasteria / Gasteria
mid to bright light, hard to kill
Guzmania / Guzmania
warm, humid
Hoya /
Wax Flowers

kept cool
Lithops /
Living Stones

bright and desert
Maranta /
Prayer Plants

moist, shaded
Neoregelia / Blushing Bromeliads
bright light, high temp
Nidularium / Nidularium
warm and humid
Peperomia / Peperomia
not to wet and room temp
Philodendron / Philodendron
grows up bark not too wet
Saintpaulia /
African Violets

dont spray, need light, 70'F
Sansevieria / Snake Plants, Mother In Laws Tongue
any temp but not too wet
Scindapsus / Pothos, Devil's Ivy
any temp or humidity
  Vriesea / Sword Bromeliads
will die after flowering

Dieffenbachia - Dumb Canes - POISONOUS

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