Green tree frogs

This section offers basic info, care and set up needs for the American Green Tree Frog.

The American Green Tree Frog (Hyla cinerea)

The American green tree frog varies in color from a light lime green to a dark olive green and will sometimes have a brown tinge. They have a creamy white to yellow stripe on their sides and creamy white bellies. While extreme changes in color, for example turning and staying a very yellow-green or a dark brown, can indicate stress or illness, changing shades of colors is a normal and natural process for these frogs. Part of these variations in color are an indicator of mood changes, and part of them are a means of camoflauge. Green tree frogs will reach an average size of 2 inches with a range of 1&1/4 to 2&1/2 inches in length, snout to vent. Males are usually smaller than females and have yellow to greenish-yellow throats. Upon reaching sexual maturity at approximately 1 year of age, males will begin to call. The call starts out quietly ad quickly builds to a constant WOK!, WOK!, WOK! that lasts for uo to 20 seconds. Females have creamy white throats and will only make a short brief response call to a male or a distress call when annoyed by being handled or another frog sitting on them. The average life span for a Green tree frog in captivity is 2 to 5 years.
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